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If you’re here, you’re likely a creative, high-level thinker, or a tech professional who writes.

I have worked with Cheryl for many years. She is fast, efficient, effective — and accurate. Any high-level thinker would be lucky to get ahold of her skill set. — Stefan Molyneux, author of ‘Essential Philosophy’  

I’ve worked with writers like you since 2013, beginning with copy editing the blockchain book Anonymous Bitcoin, by Kristov Atlas. Most recently I edited Stefan Molyneux’s book Essential Philosophy. I’ve worked with many blockchain writers and startups over the years, as well as many self-published authors.

Today I edit the articles of four print magazines in the field of photonics. Print magazines… In 2019. Who would have imagined that print publishing still lives? And that every day I’d get to be a part of it.

What is photonics? This is photonics. It’s the study of light and all of its applications.

Photonics is the technology of generating and harnessing light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is the photon.

I realized I wanted to be a proofreader and editor in college (long ago) after I fell in love with writing while taking freshman composition — after failing the class, retaking it with the same professor, and then acing it.

After that experience, I chose to get a bachelor’s degree in English. And I knew I wanted to do something with my education other than teach, so I landed an internship in proofreading and editing with a scholarly book publisher on campus.

If you’re looking for a copy editor for your self-published book, reach out and tell me about your latest project.

Increase the Power of Your Writing

How can hiring an editor help you?

  • You’ll build better trust with your readers.
  • You’ll publish higher quality content than your competitors.
  • You’ll enhance your credibility.
  • And you’ll feel more confident about your written work.

Good editing increases the power of your writing.

You may be a powerhouse at getting words onto the page and hitting publish or send. And of course you want to grab the attention of your readers. But you may not be aware of all the little grammar and style tips and tricks that can help you reach your writing goals. 

It happens to all of us: you may be so focused on what you’re saying that you can no longer see how you’re saying it. Eventually, after several drafts, you lose the ability to see the details. 

Outstanding proofreading service, very helpful advisor! — Blockchain e-book client on Upwork

We all need someone who offers honest feedback and valuable suggestions — grounded in the basics.

What Does a Copy Editor Do?

I look at spelling, grammar, and usage, and I go beyond them. Depending on your needs and preferences, I follow these principles of good writing:

  • Making sure you’re staying focused on what you’re trying to accomplish
  • Front loading sentences, paragraphs, and sections
  • Reducing adverbs and eliminating hedging words
  • Writing shorter paragraphs and sentences 
  • Being specific, direct, and concise
  • Making more full-stop assertions
  • Using strong nouns and verbs
  • Giving readers a call to action
  • Writing a strong introduction
  • Writing in the active voice
  • Eliminating ambiguities

See my portfolio and blog for more information about my work.

Cheryl is an excellent editor and willing to make tough decisions. She always went above and beyond with the value she gave towards making the network a success. — Steven Levine, CEO & CFO, The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network

Send me a message and let’s chat about what you’re working on. Use my contact page, or email me at “hello at cheryllorraine.com,” to start a conversation. 


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