Print Newsletter Design for a Landlord Association

My client, a landlord association, needed a redesign of their print newsletter.

“Cheryl did a very nice job and I for one appreciate it. I have been a part of a number of publications over the years and I know how much time, energy and work it requires. – Mac Mowbray, CDARPO board member and newsletter columnist 

For many years, they used a clunky, difficult-to-edit, 8-page Word template.

Print Newsletter Redesign

After a year as their editor, working with the old template, I upgraded their newsletter design. An InDesign template that could be more easily adapted to fit their needs. Black-and-white colors allowed for more continuity. Then I could take colors from the cover photo each month and incorporate them into design elements throughout. Second, I reduced the length to 4 pages to cut printing costs.

I also wanted give the newsletter greater integrity as a professional publication. Removing ads from the body would increase its focus on relationship building among members and prospects. I placed the ads in a separate free-standing insert.

For this issue, I went beyond my regular role as the editor for the association. I also acted as designer, writer, and photographer. I interviewed the featured subject and went to his home and took photographs. Finally, I compiled and edited all of the content.

“Cheryl has done an outstanding job with our monthly newsletter in times when we had too much content, and in times when we didn’t have enough. My sincerest appreciation goes out to her.” – Former CDARPO president John Keenan

Page 2 – feature article written by me

Page 3

Final page










Free-standing ad insert









Old design