Consistency, Not Perfection

As your editor, my first goal is to follow principles of consistency.

I focus on making sure your writing achieves consistent spelling, grammar, usage, and other elements of style – but I don’t aim for perfection.

Most editing decisions are style choices, which means they are ultimately up to you, the author. It’s my job to point your choices out to you and make sure you’ve applied them consistently to your work.

Consistency, not perfection, makes a piece of work look professional. 

My second goal is to maintain and strengthen your natural voice. Your voice reveals itself through the patterns in the words you choose, the stories you tell, and the arguments you make. I strive to strengthen those patterns. 

It takes time and experience for your particular communication patterns and ideas to reveal themselves in your writing. I want to honor and respect who you are and the investment you’ve put in. The last thing I want to do is try to change your voice to fit mine.  

Want to know more about the work I do? See my About page, or use my Contact Page to reach me directly.


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