What Motivates Your Work?

Since 2013, I’ve specialized in copyediting articles, white papers, marketing materials, and self-published books in the blockchain space. In doing so, I’ve seen many companies who lacked knowledge of how to market themselves in a straightforward, customer-focused way — without hype.

“If you have a great editor, like Cheryl, it’s REALLY neat to see the way she polishes your language. It’s like handing someone a rough hunk of mineral and getting back a crystal egg.”—Kristov Atlas, author of Anonymous Bitcoin

Founders may be really good at seeing and talking about their businesses, but not so good at seeing the prospects they’re trying to reach, whose needs they want to meet. Therefore, in their marketing materials, they often talk at their prospects, rather than to them.

So for the least year or more, I’ve been working on figuring out how to help business people — particularly those working in the blockchain space — position themselves better in front of their intended audience. Minus the exclamation points and sometimes desperate-sounding “Here We Are! Look at Us!” voice they may not even be aware they’re using.

Previous work

To provide examples of my own writing, here are several articles I’ve written for CoinTelegraph:

From 2014 to 2015, I was managing editor and then editor-in-chief for the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network.

“Cheryl is an excellent editor and willing to make tough decisions. She always went above and beyond with the value she gave towards making the network a success.”—Steven Levine, CEO & CFO, Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network

In 2016 and 2017, I’ve worked as an editor for Bitcoin.com.au, as well as for other authors and organizations inside and outside the blockchain industry.

“Excellent freelancer. I have been very impressed with her diligence and ability to self-manage.”—Rupert Hackett, General Manager, Bitcoin.com.au

What process do you follow with your customers?

I like to ask a lot of questions. It’s a good way to learn about my clients and serve them better. But it’s also a way to find the ones I’ll most enjoy working with.

If they balk at questions and don’t want to tell me about themselves, then they may not want to let their intended audience know who they are either. I’ve had clients tell me, “That’s not important.” They prefer to focus on talking about the features of their product or service.

I want to know what drives you to spend your days creating and operating your business. And I’m sure your ideal target market does, too.

Tell me, what’s the driving motivation behind the work you do?

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