Increase the Power of Your Writing

Outstanding proofreading service, very helpful advisor! (Blockchain e-book client on Upwork)

Build trust with your readers. Publish higher quality content than your competitors. Enhance your credibility. Feel confident about your written work.

Cheryl’s work has met my expectations in terms of editing – her suggestions are always spot on, and her editing (including grammar, spelling and sentence structure-related edits) improves the quality of our articles, which was exactly what we needed. However, in terms of overall professionalism, she has exceeded my expectations. She is responsive and very reliable. (Tamara Mrak, Public Relations and Community Manager,  

Good editing increases the power of your writing.

You are a powerhouse at getting words onto the page and hitting publish or send. You want to grab the attention of your readers. But you may not be on top of all the little grammar and style tips and tricks that can help you. 

It happens to all of us: you may be so focused on what you’re saying that you can no longer see how you’re saying it. Eventually, after several drafts, you lose the ability to see the details. 

When we create something, we can get stuck in our imagined outcome, becoming blind to the actual outcome.

Even editors need an editor. 

We all need someone who offers honest feedback and valuable suggestions – grounded in the basics.

Whether you’re a writer, or you’ve hired a writer, you need someone to tell you how the words are coming across.

Cheryl is an excellent editor and willing to make tough decisions. She always went above and beyond with the value she gave towards making the network a success. (Steven Levine, CEO & CFO, the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network)

I go beyond spelling, grammar, and usage. Depending on your needs, the principles of good writing that I refer to and may suggest when I edit for you include:

  • Making sure you’re staying focused on what you’re trying to accomplish
  • Front loading sections, paragraphs, and sentences
  • Reducing adverbs and eliminating hedging words
  • Writing shorter paragraphs and sentences 
  • Being specific, direct, and concise
  • Making more full-stop assertions
  • Using strong nouns and verbs
  • Giving readers a call to action
  • Writing in the active voice
  • Eliminating ambiguities
  • Writing a strong lede

See my portfolio and blog for more information about the work I do.

Send me a message and let’s chat about what you’re working on. Go to my contact page or email me “hello at” to start a conversation. 

I look forward to talking to you! 


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