Most editing decisions are style choices, which means they are ultimately up to you, the author.

Cheryl’s suggestions are always spot on, and her editing (including grammar, spelling and sentence structure-related edits) improves the quality of our articles, which was exactly what we needed. However, in terms of overall professionalism, it has exceeded my expectations – she is responsive and very reliable.  — Tamara Mrak, Public Relations and Community Manager, Bitcoin Australia 

The principles of writing start with spelling, grammar, usage, and other elements of style – but together we aim beyond the pursuit of perfection.

Whether you’re writing about blockchain, psychology, or philosophy, it’s my job to reveal your choices and to make sure you’ve applied them consistently throughout your work.

Consistency, not perfection, gives your work its unique voice and style. 

Your voice reveals itself through the patterns in the words you choose, the stories you tell, and the arguments you make. I use a traditional copy editing process to strengthen those patterns. 

It takes time and experience for your particular communication patterns and ideas to reveal themselves in your writing. I want to honor and respect who you are and the investment you’ve put in. The last thing I want to do is try to change your voice to fit mine.  

Since making the changes Cheryl suggested to my website, the people who have booked consultations and become clients have been more of a match for my business, making my work more rewarding, fun, satisfying and enjoyable. — Oliver Manalese, Performance Coach

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