Prospectus Design for a Course Instructor

Prospectus cover page Prospectus cover

The “client” (instructor) needed a 4-page prospectus design for a course he offered on using Microsoft Word. This was the final class project for a beginning course on Adobe InDesign.

He provided a brief, the text, images, and logos. My job was to design the prospectus using skills learned in the course, including watermarks, columns, headings, styles, page numbering, fonts, colors, shapes, placing and designing a table, and more.

Prospectus Design Process

As is common when working on creative projects, I started out feeling overwhelmed by the number of files provided and all the new skills I needed to implement.

The text only took up two pages, so I wondered how I would double the size of the document. I knew I needed a cover page, so that took care of one. Several large images were included, so I used one on the front, several in the middle, another on the back, and I moved the table to the last page as well. A couple pull quotes from the text and added greater interest.

I approached the project as if I were doing a job for a client. I studied the instructor’s website so I could create the prospectus design to match his branding. I wanted to do the work as if he might actually use it, so I incorporated fonts and colors from his website.

Taking the job of creation one step at a time, I played with my options until I was happy with the results.

Using My New Design Skills

After I finished the project, I immediately used my skills to redesign and put together a print newsletter for an actual client.

Deliverables included a PDF with crop marks for professional printing, a JPEG version, and a mocked up layout. I followed Dan’s suggestions and fixed the space following the headings for the images shown here.

Two-page spread
Two-page spread of the prospectus design before fixing subheadings
Page two fixed
Page two with subheadings adjusted
Page 3 fixed
Page 3 with adjustments
Page 4
Final page