Books I’ve Copyedited

Anonymous Bitcoin: How to Keep Your B All to Yourself, by Kristov Atlas ⇓

“The book editing process is really boring and tedious for me overall, but if you have a great editor, it’s REALLY neat to see the way she polishes your language. It’s like handing someone a rough hunk of mineral and getting back a crystal egg.”

How to Find a Great Therapist: From Surviving to Thriving, by Kathryn Beal ⇓

“Cheryl made my self-published book professional. The suggestions she made really took my manuscript to the next level and gave me the confidence to proudly put my book on the market. It doesn’t look like a self-published book anymore!”

From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-Care Into a Way of Life, by Hannah Braime ⇓

“Cheryl helped me turn my e-book from a stylistic patchwork nightmare into a cohesive whole—and provided a few useful grammar lessons along the way! She is incredibly diligent, patient, and has a great eye for detail. The finished book wouldn’t have been the same without her valuable input.”

Job Free: Four Ways to Quit the Rat Race and Achieve Financial Freedom on Your Own Terms, by Jake Desyllas

Becoming an Entrepreneur: How to Find Freedom and Fulfillment as a Business Owner, by Jake Desyllas ⇓

“I really appreciate your dedication and commitment to your work. The project style sheet you made was a very helpful unexpected benefit. Thanks so much for all your attention to detail and for helping me switch the whole text to US spelling and grammar.”

Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services, by Carlos Morales ⇓

“Cheryl turned my book from a hodgepodge of different ideas into a well-polished book that I can be proud of. Her knowledge basis, her due diligence, and her creativity has transformed my work for the better, and I can’t thank her enough for it.”

Human Health From First Principles: 6 Million Years of Biological Reality, by Aaron Tanason ⇓

“I discovered how important it is to hire an editor. The biggest problem Cheryl solved for me was formatting the table of contents and citations. She is a proficient and efficient copyeditor. I’m very happy with my final manuscript. The entire process was fast and simple.”

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